Friday, January 11, 2008

blue screen of death

so my computer decided to crap out today. it was freezing up and taking forever to do things, so i thought i'd restart it and maybe that would help, ya know, it seemed like a good idea at the time. well in the process of restarting it suddenly went to a blue page that said FATAL SYSTEM ERROR. THIS SYSTEM IS SHUT DOWN. Whoops. It was pretty intimidating. I had two IT people in my cube looking at it, shaking their heads and saying this is bad. so eventually they decided that the computer needed to be decrypted before they could try to fix it, and apparently this is a process that takes a looooong time. It's been going for about 5 hours now and it's only 52% done. Guess that one won't be fixed til Monday.

In the mean time, they've given me a loner computer, which is great, but there's not much I can do on it. I don't have any of my files or the programs I've been using. So basically I've been catching up on email, and ... well, there's not a whole lot I can do. what a friday...

so i've been thinking some more about what i want to do with this blog. one thing i think i'd like to add is more posts about foods, recipes, etc. I really enjoy some of the food blogs i've seen, so i think it'd be neat to do some of that here. Now I just need to remember to take pictures when I make something interesting. :)

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Meagan said...

Man, I wish I could get the blue screen of death and call the IT people and then get paid to read email... Woe to you. No really, I think my computer does need some help, just in that the hard drive is getting full. I have to transfer pictures over to CD soon, ao that I can erase the space on the hard drive. Still it would be nice just to call someone else to do it. I don't think I can call Savannah in for help quite yet. Gotta give her a few more years till she surpasses me with her computer knowledge.

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