Thursday, December 13, 2007


man oh man. i've chopped jalapenos before and never had any problem. but this time - not so lucky! i did chop up a bunch of them, where i normally only do one at a time, but i'm making a bunch of salsa and other dips for this weekend. my hands are burning, not tooooo bad, but still burning. the worst part though is my CONTACTS. last night i decided to take them out using my right pinky finger, thinking it was the least contaminated. it burned, but not for long. this morning though, i tried to put them back in and there was NO WAY that was happening! i guess i should've just slept in them and dealt with the dryness. this burning is way worse. so i'm wearing my glasses today. it's kind of odd because i never wear my glasses for any long period of time, especially to work. i'm not used to it, and they feel weird on my face. *sigh*... plus i forget that all my peripheral vision is lost now. i actually tripped down the stairs because i didn't see the last step. haha im such a loser :)

so what to do about the contacts?? i'm wondering if that pair is a lost cause and i should just throw them out? or is it just that my hands still have the pepper juices on them. i would just get a new pair of contacts, but if my hands are still bad, wouldn't i just be ruining another pair? i don't know... i don't want to have to wear my glasses for the next week... especially not saturday at the party. and i'm almost out of contacts (i have two pairs left), but i can't go to the eye doctor until the new year because of insurance. what to do, what to do....

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